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UCC Data Services Notice: All data files generated 7/1/2020 and after will now be pipe delimited. Once this is moved to production on 06/24/2020, the weekly file generated on 07/01/2020 (06/21- 06/28 data) and the monthly file generated on 07/05/2020 will be in the new format pipe delimited.
UCC Data Services Notice: In an effort to streamline operations and in accordance with Administrative Code DFI-CCS 3.13 monthly data files will no longer include inactive financing statements beginning with the October 5, 2020 file.

UCC Data Services

You may request UCC data and/or UCC images weekly, for a fee of $250.00 for data and $250.00 for images. The data and images will be available for the time period specified. You must create an online account prior to submitting a request for data or images. Once payment is received, you will have access to the data and/or images. We also offer a monthly Data Refresh for $500.00 which will include past data up through the most recent complete month of data.

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If you have questions or need further explanations, please call us at 608-266-8915 or send e-mail