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DFI Organizational Structure

Department of Financial Institutions Organizational Chart

Office of the Secretary

Cheryll Olson-Collins, Secretary-designee
The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) is headed by the Secretary, a Cabinet-level position appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Wisconsin Senate. In addition to having authority over all DFI functions, the Secretary represents the interests of the Department at the state and national levels. The Secretary appoints the Deputy Secretary, the Assistant Deputy Secretary and the administrators of the Division of Banking, the Division of Securities, and the Division of Corporate and Consumer Services. The administrator of the Division of Administrative Services and Technology is filled from classified service.
Photo of Secretary-designee, Cheryll Olson-Collins
Photo of Deputy Secretary, Patti Epstein Patti Epstein, Deputy Secretary
The Deputy Secretary is in charge of day-to-day operations of the Department, working directly with the administrators and directors of the various divisions and with representatives of other state agencies.
Catherine Haberland, Assistant Deputy Secretary
The Assistant Deputy Secretary works with the Legislature, Congress, business leaders and other stakeholders to advance policies that fulfill the department’s mission of ensuring the safety and soundness of Wisconsin's financial institutions.
Photo Assistant Deputy Secretary, Catherine Haberland

Jess Noelck, Communications Director
The Communications Director coordinates all internal and external communications functions of the Department, including press releases, media relations, publications, newsletters and speaking engagements for the Secretary and key administrators.

Matt Lynch, Chief Legal Counsel
The Chief Legal Counsel is the lead attorney for the Department of Financial Institutions and provides advice and guidance on all legal matters pertaining to the Department.

Jessica Wetzel, Director, Office of Financial Capability
The Office of Financial Capability brings together financial literacy, financial wellness, and security, college affordability, and the Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program to help advance a savings mindset for all Wisconsinites throughout every life stage

Division of Administrative Services and Technology

Photo of Administrator, Mike Trepanier Mike Trepanier, Administrator
The Division of Administrative Services and Technology provides support services to the department through its administration of the agency’s budget, personnel, procurement, and information technology services.

Division of Banking

Kim Swissdorf, Administrator
The Division of Banking regulates and supervises state-chartered banks, savings institutions and consumer financial services industries under statutory Chapters 214, 215 and 220 through 224. In addition to chartering and regularly examining state banks, the division licenses loan companies, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, loan originators, collection agencies, community currency exchanges, sales finance and adjustment service companies, sellers of checks, insurance premium finance companies, payday lenders, and credit services organizations. It also regulates auto dealers' installment sales contracts. The Division investigates applications for expanded banking powers, new financial products, and interstate bank acquisitions and mergers.

The Division of Banking also administers the Wisconsin Consumer Act, which resolves consumer complaints and advises consumers and lenders regarding their rights and responsibilities under consumer law.

Photo of Administrator, Kim Swissdorf

Division of Corporate and Consumer Services

Craig Heilman, Administrator
The Division of Corporate and Consumer Services is responsible for examining and filing business records for corporations and other entities. It examines charters; documents that affect mergers, consolidations and dissolutions; and reviews the annual reports of various businesses, including partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, cooperatives and out-of-state entities.

The Division also examines and files documents under the Uniform Commercial Code, including statements of business indebtedness, consignments, terminations, and financing statements and maintains the statewide Uniform Commercial Code lien system.

The Division handles notary public applications and renewals, trademark registrations, and cable/video service franchise registrations along with professional employer organizations, charitable organizations, and professional fund-raisers.

Photo of Administrator, Heilman, Craig

Division of Securities

Leslie Van Buskirk, Administrator
The Division of Securities, created in Section 15.183 (3), Wisconsin Statutes, by 1995 Wisconsin Act 27, regulates the sale of investment securities and franchises under Chapters 551 (the Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law) and 553 (the Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law) of the Wisconsin Statutes. It manages registrations and notice filings for offerings. The division registers broker-dealers, securities agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives and monitors their activities through examinations. It also investigates complaints and when violations are detected, initiates the appropriate administrative, injunctive or criminal action.
Photo of Administrator, Leslie Van Buskirk

Office of Credit Unions

Photo of Director, Kim Santos Thomas Theune, Director
The Office of Credit Unions regulates state-chartered credit unions. It charters new credit unions; examines credit union records and assets; acts on applications/requests from credit unions that require approval per Chapter 186, Wisconsin Statutes; approves mergers of credit unions within the state; and in cooperation with similar agencies in neighboring states, approves interstate mergers. If a credit union is not in compliance with state law, the office may remove its officers, suspend operations or take possession of the credit union's business.