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Overall Search Strategies

Start by typing the name of the entity you are searching for - excluding the ending such as LLC or Corp as well as any punctuation. If that doesn't work, broaden your search by removing some of the words and searching for only phrase or part of the name.
Example: If you are searching for the entity The Wisconsin Charitable Organization Association, then simply enter the search phrase of Charitable Organization.
If you are still unable to find the entity you are looking for, consider replacing common words in the entity’s name with abbreviations.
Example: If you are unable to find the entity The Wisconsin Charitable Organization Association, then try using abbreviations like WI Charitable Organization or Charitable Organization Assn in your search. Commonly used abbreviations include: WI (Wisconsin), Assn (Association), & (and), Corp (corporation), and US (United States).

Too Many Results

If your search phrase returns too many results, add to the search phrase. Common name parts (such as "american") can match with hundreds of records in our system.

Not Enough Results

First, check your spelling. Then, remove some words - the fewer words you use, the more search results you will likely receive.