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The Division of Banking regulates and supervises state-chartered banks, savings institutions and consumer financial service industries, under statutory Chapters 214, 215 and 220 through 224. In addition to chartering and regularly examining state banks and savings institutions, the division licenses loan companies, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, loan originators, collection agencies, community currency exchanges, sales finance companies, adjustment service companies, sellers of checks, insurance premium finance companies, and payday lenders. It also regulates motor vehicle dealers and recreational vehicle dealers that originate retail installment sales contracts and consumer leases. The division investigates applications for expanded banking powers, new financial products, and interstate bank acquisitions and mergers. With Banking Review Board approval, the administrator may establish uniform rules for savings programs and fiduciary operations.

COVID-19 Information & Resources

  • During the current state of emergency, the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions’ Division of Banking (“division”) will waive the limits imposed by Wis. Stats. ss. 221.0324(3) and (5) on pledges of assets to the federal reserve bank for Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility (“PPPLF”) only. Banks do not need to receive the consent of the division to exceed that limit for the PPPLF only. Any current borrowing resolution would remain in place from the division for all other pledges of assets. This waiver will supersede any specific dollar amount in any current borrowing resolutions for the PPPLF. (Issued April 17, 2020)
  • Adobe PDF Document Read DFI Division of Banking’s Letter to Banks (Issued March 18, 2020). (PDF: 74 KB / 1 page)
  • Adobe PDF Document Read DFI Division of Banking’s Letter to Banks (Issued March 17, 2020). (PDF: 74 KB / 1 page)
  • Adobe PDF Document Read DFI Secretary Blumenfeld's Letter to Banks (Issued March 13, 2020). (PDF: 74 KB / 1 page)

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