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Corporation Section Filing Forms

Corporations Forms - Business, Domestic & Foreign (Ch. 180)

Adobe PDF Document  Form 2 Articles of Incorporation - Stock For-Profit Corporation
DFI Online Application Online Form 2 - Articles of Incorporation - Stock For-Profit Corporation

Adobe PDF Document  Form 4  Articles of Amendment - Stock For-Profit Corporation

Adobe PDF Document  Form 8 Restated Articles of Incorporation - Stock For-Profit Corporation

Form 10 - Articles of Dissolution - Business Corporation

Form 13 Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Change

Adobe PDF Document  Form 13-R  Resignation of Registered Agent

Adobe PDF Document  Form 20 Newly Elected Officers and Directors

Please Note: For WEDC certified Foreign Qualified New Business Ventures see special filing instructions.

Adobe PDF Document  Form 21* Foreign Business Corporation - Certificate of Authority Application and/or Amended Certificate

Adobe PDF Document  Form 21 B Adoption of Fictitious Name

This form may only be filed simultaneously with completed Form 21. A fictitious name may be adopted by a foreign corporation only when its true and legal corporate name is not available for use in Wisconsin due to an existing entity already on record by the same name. This form may not be used to register an assumed name or tradename. Please visit for more information regarding tradenames and trademarks.

Adobe PDF Document  Form 24* Foreign Business Corporation - Withdrawal and Final Report Application

Adobe PDF Document  Form 52  Articles of Share or Interest Exchange

Adobe PDF Document  Form 53 Statement of Correction

Please Note: A domestic or foreign corporation may correct a document that was filed by the department if the document contains a statement that was incorrect at the time of filing or if the document was defectively executed, including defects in any attestation, seal, verification or acknowledgement.

Statement of Correction may not be used to cancel or undo filed Articles of Dissolution or any other previously filed document.

Adobe PDF Document  Form 55 Revocation of Voluntary Dissolution - Stock or Nonstock Corporation or Limited Liability Company

Adobe PDF Document  Form 1000 * - Articles of Conversion, See Articles of Conversion FAQ

Adobe PDF Document  Form 2000 - Articles of Merger, See Articles of Merger FAQ

Adobe PDF Document  Form 1-R Foreign Corporation - Registered Name Application

* - Certain forms are prescribed by statute for specified types of transactions. Their use is mandatory and is indicated with an asterisk(*).