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General Information

Every foreign corporation and limited liability company is required to file an annual report with this Department. This report is due March 31st. On or after August 1st, the Department mails a Notice of Intent to Revoke to those foreign entities who have not yet filed the current year's annual report. A notice is sent to both the registered agent at the registered office address and the principal office address that is on record at DFI. If both of these attempts are unsuccessful, then the entities are added to the "Notice of Intent to Revoke" publication.

The notice states the statutory authority and provides 60 days to file the report. If the report is not received by the end of that 60-day period, the entity's registration to operate in Wisconsin is revoked.

The annual report can be accessed and filed at by clicking on "I Want to File…", then under Corporations, select Annual Report. Once the entity has been revoked, only corporations have an opportunity to reinstate, for six months after the effective date of the revocation.