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Administrative Dissolutions

General Information

On a quarterly basis, DFI attempts to contact entities that have not filed an annual report after a few years. First a notice is sent to the registered agent at the registered office address. If the notice is returned, then an attempt is made to send the notice to the principal office address that is on record at DFI. If both of these attempts are unsuccessful, then the entities are added to the "Notice of Administrative Dissolution" publication. This notice is the last attempt to notify the entity that it will be dissolved by DFI if further action is not taken. Entities on this list may become active again by submitting an annual report with DFI. If the entity does not submit the annual report, then it will be administratively dissolved and will then appear on the "Certificate of Administrative Dissolution" publication. To file the annual report online, please click here. To request a paper form, please send an email to