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Statutes & Rules

Listed below are the statutes and rules most relevant to the Department of Financial Institutions. These are maintained on the Wisconsin State Legislature website along with all other Wisconsin statutes and rules. Clicking on the statute or rule number below will take you to the specific statute or rule.

Banks and Savings Institutions


Banking Chapter 220

First Lien Real Estate Loans Chapter 428

Miscellaneous Banking and Financial Institutions Provisions Chapter 224

Money and Rates of Interest Chapter 138

Public Deposits Chapter 34

Savings and Loan Associations Chapter 215

Savings Banks Chapter 214

State Banks Chapter 221

Trust Company Banks & Other Fiduciaries Chapter 223

Universal Banks Chapter 222


For banks, see Chapters DFI-Bkg 3 - 9

For savings banks, see Chapter DFI-SB 1 - 22

For savings and loan associations, see Chapters DFI-SL 1 - 22

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Charitable Organization, Fund-Raising Counsel, and Professional Fund-Raiser


General Provisions Chapter 202, Subchapter I

Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Chapter 202, Subchapter II

Charitable Organizations Section 202.12

Fund-Raising Counsels Section 202.13

Professional Fund-Raisers Section 202.14


Charitable Solicitations Chapter DFI-CCS 11

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College Savings Program


College Savings Program Sections 224.50 - 224.52


College Savings Program Chapter DFI-CSP 1

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Common Law Trusts Section 226.14

Cooperatives Chapter 185

Corporations, business Chapter 180

Limited Liability Companies Chapter 183

Limited Liability Partnership & General Partnership Chapter 178

Limited Partnerships Chapter 179

Nonstock Corporations Chapter 181

Religious Societies Chapter 187

Unincorporated Cooperative Associations Chapter 193

Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations Chapter 184

Veterans Organizations Chapter 188


Fees Chapter Dfi-CCS 10

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Credit Unions


Credit Unions Chapter 186


For credit unions, see Chapters DFI-CU 51 - 75

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Licensed Financial Services


Adjustment Service Companies Section 218.02

Collection Agencies Section 218.04

Currency Exchange Section 218.05

Insurance Premium Finance Companies Section 138.12

Loan Companies Section 138.09

Payday Lenders Section 138.14

Sales Finance Companies Sections 218.0101 - 218.0163

Sellers of Checks Section 217.01

Title Lenders Section 138.16


Adjustment Service Companies Chapter DFI-Bkg 73

Collection Agencies Chapter DFI-Bkg 74

Pawnbrokers Chapter DFI-Bkg 77

Payday Lending Chapter DFI-Bkg 75

Sales Finance Companies Chapter DFI-Bkg 76

Title Loans Chapter DFI-Bkg 78

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Mortgage Banking


First Lien Real Estate Loans Chapter 428

Money and Rates of Interest Chapter 138

Mortgage Bankers, Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers Chapter 224, Subchapter III


For mortgage banking, see Chapters DFI-Bkg 40 - 46

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Notary Public and Trademarks


Notaries Chapter 140

Trademarks Section 132.01


Notaries public and notarial acts Emergency rules

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Professional Employer Organization & Group


General Provisions Chapter 202, Subchapter I

Professional Employer Organizations Chapter 202, Subchapter III

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Securities & Franchising 


Corporate Take-Over Law Chapter 552

Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law Chapter 553

Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law Chapter 551


Chapters DFI-SEC of the Wisconsin Administrative Code

For Securities, see Chapters DFI-Sec 1-9
For Take-Over Law, see Chapters DFI-Sec 21-29
For Franchise, see Chapters DFI-Sec 31-36

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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)


Uniform Commercial Code Secured Transactions Chapter 409

Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act Chapter 779.97


For the UCC, see Chapters DFI-CCS 1 - 7

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Video/Cable Franchise


Video Service Section 66.0420


Video Service Franchise Chapter DFI-CCS 20

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Wisconsin Consumer Act (WCA)


Consumer Approval Transactions and Other Consumer Rights Chapter 423

Consumer Credit - General Provisions and Definitions Chapter 421

Consumer Credit Transactions Chapter 422

Consumer Transactions - Administration Chapter 426

Consumer Transactions - Debt Collection Chapter 427

Consumer Transactions - Insurance Chapter 424

Consumer Transactions - Remedies and Penalties Chapter 425

Marital Property Chapter 766

Motor Vehicle Consumer Leases Chapter 429


Wisconsin Consumer Act Chapter DFI-WCA 1

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