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College Affordability

Visit DFI's "Look Forward to Your Future" website for free resources to plan for college and address student debt. You will find information for Students, Parents, and Educators as well as information about Responsible Borrowing.

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Investing in yourself with further education after high school benefits your career and life. People who complete a post-secondary degree have greater earnings potential in their lifetime than people who do not.

So how do you achieve your educational dream? You’ll need to make important decisions about the career path you want to pursue, the academic institution that’s right for you, and the best combination of financial resources and tuition reduction strategies. This is about you and your journey. Learn more on the Students page.


As you ponder your child’s educational future, there are important decisions to be made about what career path your child is going to pursue, what academic institution is the right fit, and what mix of financial resources is necessary to help your child attain his or her educational dream. There’s no better time than right now to get started on developing your plan as you "look forward" to your child’s future. Explore the Parents page.


Helping students understand their potential and interests is key to career exploration and post-secondary success. Along with students, parents and community partners; educators are an essential stakeholder in guiding learners to determine the best path for their future. Learn more on the Educators page.

Responsible Borrowing

For many students, borrowing money to finance their college degree is necessary. While student loans may be a necessary part of financing your degree, it’s important to borrow responsibly. This means only borrowing for what you need. College is an investment in your future. Learn more about Responsible Borrowing today.


An education beyond high school is an investment in your future. Going to college is an exciting time for high school graduates and often an expensive one. Scholarships and financial aid are a common aspect of a college student’s life. Find some information to help guide you through these tough decisions on the Resource page.

Look Forward to Your Future

Choosing the right college for you is important. There are many options to consider, including 4-year universities, technical colleges, and private institutions. When thinking about choosing a college, you must consider: the cost, the environment, do you like large class sizes or small, your interests, do they have the right major, and location.

Below are links to some of the options available to you.

Contact Information

For additional information, contact the Office of Financial Literacy's College Affordability Specialist Cheryl Rapp at (608) 640-6161 or email: