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Office of Financial Capability

The Office of Financial Capability encompasses Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program, the Office of Financial Literacy, and college affordability. The Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program offers two college savings plans: Edvest and Tomorrow’s Scholar Edvest is sold directly to individuals and Tomorrow’s Scholar is sold through registered investment advisors. The Office of Financial Literacy provides information to the public on matters of personal finance and investor protection, with an emphasis on the financial and economic literacy of Wisconsin's youth. College affordability offers free resources to plan for college and address student debt. Here you will find information for students, parents, and educators as well as information about responsible borrowing. The collective Office of Financial Capability team works to engage with Wisconsin families on saving for college, educating families about the state’s 529 college savings plans, and the advantages of saving vs. borrowing. In addition, the team works through employer groups and schools to broaden their reach to more Wisconsin families. This team’s focus brings together financial literacy, financial wellness and security, college affordability, and the Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program to help advance a savings mindset for all Wisconsinites throughout every life stage.

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For additional information, contact the Office of Financial Capability Director Jessica Wetzel at (608) 264-7886 or