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Charitable Organizations and Fund Raising

  • Charitable organizations, fund-raising counsels, and professional fund-raisers are regulated under Chapter 202, subchapters I and II, of the Wisconsin Statutes.
  • Charitable organizations are those that are established for a charitable purpose.
  • Fund-raising counsels plan, manage, advise, consult, or prepare materials with respect to solicitations for charitable organizations.
  • Professional fund-raisers request contributions that will be used for a charitable purpose or that will benefit a charitable organization.

Professional Employer Organizations and Groups

  • Professional employer organizations and professional employer groups are regulated under Chapter 202, subchapter III, Wis. Statutes.
  • Professional employer organizations enter into written contracts for the provision of the non-temporary, ongoing employee workforce of a client.
    • Under those contracts, the professional employer organization has the obligation to pay the employees providing services for those clients from its own accounts.
    • A professional employer organization is not a temporary help agency or a temporary help company.

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Online Services

  • Allow you to search registrants or determine application status
  • Allow a registered organization to login and update contact information, renew registration, and print or download a certificate.


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