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Apostille, Notary Public and Trademark Fees

Make checks payable to Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

Apostilles    Fee   
Standard Service per certificate - Processing time 3-7 days, not including mail time $10
Expedited Service per certificate - Processing time 1-2 days, not including mail time $35
Questions - Email    or call (608) 266-8915  
Notary Public    Fee   
Four Year Notary Public Application $20
Attorney Permanent Notary Public Application $50
Notary Public Duplicate Certificate
Notary Public Data CD (includes name, address and expiration date)
Trademark (TM) Fee
All services listed must be performed ONLINE or in-person.
Trademark Registration – for new registrants $15
Trademark Renewal – Renew registration if within 6 months of expiration of original $15
Trademark Assignment - To transfer active TM/TN to new registrant $15
Trademark Cancellation Free
Trademark Change of Address and/or Contact information Free
Trademark Application Copy Request – Uncertified/Certified $5/$10
Trademark Certificate Request – Uncertified/Certified $0/$5