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Trademarks and Tradenames

The name of a business or product, a label, logo, or form of advertisement are some examples of items that may be registered with the Department of Financial Institutions. The registration is not required, but is a good way to notify the public of the use of a certain name or mark. The filing fee is $15, and the registration expires after 10 years. A registration may be "assigned" to another party during the 10 year period, and may be renewed up to six months before the 10 year time period has expired.

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Adobe PDF Document General information on Tradenames and Trademarks for Wisconsin

Adobe PDF Document Registration or Renewal of Tradename/Trademark
     For new registrants and renewals

Adobe PDF Document Classification of Goods and Services

Adobe PDF Document Assignment of Tradename/Trademark
     To transfer the Tradename/Trademark to a new entity

Adobe PDF Document Cancellation of Tradename/Trademark

Adobe PDF Document Change of Business Address/Contact Information

Adobe PDF Document Copy Request of Application or Certificate

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