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Apostilles, Notary Public and Trademark/Tradenames

The Bureau of Uniform Commercial Code, Notary and Trademark administers the Apostille, Notary, Trademark/Tradename programs. The Department of Financial Institutions is pleased to announce that persons needing Apostilles may now request and pay online. For more information about Apostilles, please see our Apostille Information Page.

Notaries who Pay and Begin Application Online, must still print their forms, complete them and mail them into our office for processing and approval OR if all of the stamps are visible (non-impression seals), you may scan and e-mail the completed documents to or fax them to 608-264-7965. To download Notary, Trademark and Tradename forms, please make a choice from the menu to the right. If you have questions related to any of these programs, follow the links below, send us email at or call our office at 608-266-8915 for more information.

Apostille Information

Notary Public Information

Please Note: you must complete and submit your notary application within 30 business days of your application filing purchase here, or you will receive a full refund.

Trademark and Tradename Information