The Impact of Financial Illiteracy


With all of these concerns, the personal financial stress facing our workforce is at an all-time high and will only continue to increase if we donít proactively do something differently.†† Left unaddressed the impact facing employees and organizations are significant:


® A loss in production and team morale


® An increased of employee absenteeism, tardiness


® Reduced ability to focus on a task or on the safety for themselves or others


® An increase of stress related health issues


® Lower employee morale


® Lower pay satisfaction and higher turnover


® Accidents


® Theft


® Substance abuse


® Loss of customers


® Administrative costs











One in five adults worries about debt most or all of the time."
--AP-GfK Poll, July 2011

Fewer than half (41%) of Americans surveyed

reported spending less than their


FINRA Foundationís

2012 State by State Financial Capability Survey


Over a quarter (26%) reported having unpaid medical bills.

More than half (56%) do not have rainy day savings to cover three months of unanticipated



FINRA Foundationís

2012 State by State Financial Capability Survey


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