“Over a third (34%) reported paying only the minimum credit card payment during the past year.

FINRA Foundation’s

2012 State by State Financial Capability Survey



On a test of five basic financial literacy questions, the national average was 2.88 correct answers.

FINRA Foundation’s

2012 State by State Financial Capability Survey



"Employees think basic workplace


education is

important or

extremely important to the overall level of productivity in their

organization (83.3% compared to 70% in 2010). Moreover, 94% cited employee financial literacy as important in reducing vulnerability to

major economic

-- Personal Finance

Employee Education




"Those who report high levels of debt stress suffer from a range of stress-related illnesses

including ulcers,

migraines, back pain, anxiety, depression, and heart attacks.”



“If a person gets his

attitude toward money straight,

it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.” 

– Rev. Billy Graham

¨ 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy


A free program of the nation’s certified public accountants to help Americans understand their personal finances through every stage of life.


¨ AmericaSaves/WisconsinSaves

Wisconsin Saves is a state-wide initiative devoted to promoting financial awareness and encouraging financial action among people of all economic levels. Through resources and access to diverse products, Wisconsin Saves believes that anyone can build wealth by developing positive spending and saving habits. To find out more about how to become a Wisconsin Saver, visit www.wisconsin-saves.org


¨ College Goal Wisconsin


This event, held annually in February, provides free information and assistance to families who are filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the federally required form for students seeking financial aid, such and grants and loans.


¨ Federal Reserve – Consumer information page


Consumer guides on credit reports and scores, identity theft, frauds and scams, home ownership topics, and personal finance.


¨ Feed the Pig


Provides financial literacy information on topics about emergency funds, dealing with debt, buying your first home


¨ Financial Literacy: TEACH IT


a multi-media professional development resource designed around Wisconsin’s new Personal Financial Literacy standards. Twenty one short videos demonstrate effective teaching of each of the seven standards in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.


¨ Money Smart Week


Free Financial Literacy Classes throughout Wisconsin available to the public during Money Smart Week.


¨ MyMoney.gov


Consumer information regarding earning, spending, saving, investing, consumer protection and borrowing through a collaboration of 20 Federal agencies


¨ My Money Checkup (National Foundation of Credit Counseling)



¨ National Foundation for Credit Counseling


Credit counseling agencies—non– and for—profit


¨ Practical Money Skills for Life


A free Web site designed to help educators; parents and students practice better money management for life.


¨ University of Wisconsin-Extension


Provides statewide access to university resources and research through its four divisions of continuing education, cooperative extension, entrepreneurship and economic development and broadcast and media innovations


Access any of the Web sites for the 72 County Extension offices


¨ Urban League of Greater Madison


Ensuring that African Americans and other community members are educated, employed and empowered to live well, advance professionally and contribute to the common good in the 21st Century.


¨ Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection


Office of Privacy Protection; Consumer alerts, complaints and protection; No Call List; factsheets and publications; product safety; senior guide; WI Way/Landlord Tenant Guide


¨ Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions


Information regarding financial institutions, securities, corporate and consumer services.


Financial Literacy Resource Center


¨ Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


Curriculums, guides and other personal finance resources in Wisconsin


¨ Wisconsin Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy


A group of volunteer, non-profit individuals who represent Wisconsin businesses, government agencies, financial institutions, education organizations, and promote financial education and literacy in Wisconsin with a passion.


¨ Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance


Consumer Guides on auto and home insurance, life insurance and annuities, health insurance


Financial Education in the Workplace

Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy

Workplace Financial Literacy Workgroup

WI Department of Financial Institutions

Office of Financial Literacy

201 W. Washington Ave., Ste. 300 (53703)

PO Box 7847

Madison WI 53707-7847

(608) 261-9540