The Journey to

Financial Wellness


A Return on Investment


Providing Financial Health/Wellness to all employees can help be a significant boost to changing the behavior listed above.    It can also help you stand out as an employer of choice in your local community; by providing programs like this that care for your people, so that they can do their best work to care for your customers.


For the Employee


By investing in financial education that focuses on the following key areas, your organization can make a difference in the quality of life for each of your employees:


¨ Understanding their earnings, taxes, cost of benefits, etc.


¨ Living within our means, how to stay within my family budget


¨ Saving for the future, for their dreams of tomorrow


¨ How to protect and insure the assets they have against an unexpected loss


For Your Business


¨ Fewer absences


¨ Less preoccupied workforce


¨ Increased productivity and greater commitment


¨ Higher work quality


¨ Improved employee retention rates


¨ Reduced administrative fees


¨ Increased number of on-time worker requirements


—Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation 2009


To find out more about what you can do and to find help in your local community, please continue to click any of the resources provided on this site or click on the following links:


















“The addition of a financial wellness component can offer significant

advantages for a

company’s bottom line and increase

appreciation for the benefits they

already offer.”

—An Essential Component of Your Wellness Strategy,






Financial Education in the Workplace

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