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Office of Financial Literacy (OFL)

The Office of Financial Literacy promotes financial literacy as a life skill and provides information to the public on matters of personal finance and investor protection. OFL leads and originates initiatives on financial and economic literacy and capability in order to expand opportunities and security to Wisconsin residents. OFL acts as a catalyst for change in elevating financial literacy and capability to youth and adults through partnerships with DFI stakeholders.

"The State of Wisconsin views financial literacy as a vital life skill but one that challenges people."
—Wisconsin Financial Literacy Report 2011

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Look Forward To Your Future

Look Forward To Your Future
Look Forward to Your Future is focused on raising the awareness level of the importance of planning ahead for college and provides resources for current and future college students to help keep student debt load manageable.

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OFL Initiatives/Collaborations

Governor's Council on Financial Literacy Governor's Council on Financial Literacy
Money Smart Week Wisconsin Money Smart Week Wisconsin
National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy
WI Financial Literacy Study WI Financial Literacy Study (K-12)
Executive Summary
Full Survey
WI Department of Public Instruction – Personal Finance Adobe PDF Document WI Model Academic Standards on Personal Financial Literacy
Adobe PDF Document Wisconsin's Vision for Entrepreneurship Education
Workplace Financial Literacy Workplace Financial Literacy
WI Employer Financial Wellness Input Survey
Financial Education in the Workplace Resource Center (Parents, Teachers and Students)
Financial Wellness Checklist Financial Wellness Checklist

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Common Tasks

For additional information, you may contact the Office of Financial Literacy at (608) 261-9540.