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Notary Public

Notary Public Applications

Apply Online - New for 2013!

You will still be required to print, review and complete the application and send in supporting documentation (oath, bond and printed exam certificate) by mail to:

WI Department of Financial Institutions
Notary Records Section
PO Box 7847
Madison, WI 53707-7847
or by E-mail to

Upon review of submitted documents, you will be notified by e-mail, the status of your commission and will have the ability to print your certificate from a link in the e-mail. Commissions will be granted daily.

Four Year Notary Public Commission Form

The forms used to apply for a four-year notary public commission consist of a one page application, one page of application instructions, an oath of office, and a bond. The same forms are used for new and renewal commissions. The fully completed application, oath, and bond must be submitted together, at the same time, with the appropriate filing fee as designated on the application form. Partial submittals cannot be held pending receipt of missing forms, and will be returned to sender.

Adobe PDF Document Click Here to obtain the form (PDF: 634 KB / 7 pages)

Wisconsin Attorney Permanent Notary Public Application

The form used to apply for the attorney's notary public commission consists of a one page application and one page of instructions. An oath of office and bond are not part of the attorney's application process and need not be submitted. This application may be used ONLY by applicants who are licensed to practice law in Wisconsin. Note that any attorney who has had a Wisconsin Notary Public commission previously revoked may apply only for a four year commission.

Adobe PDF Document Click Here to obtain the instructions and application (PDF: 64 KB / 2 pages)