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Requirements for Documents Submitted

Notarized Documents

Notarized documents must contain a notarial statement that conforms to Wisconsin notary law (Wisconsin Statutes sections 137.01 and 706.07) and is signed by a Wisconsin Notary Public. See Notary Sample Statements on our website.

Documents signed by Public Officials

These documents are those issued by a Wisconsin state, county, city or village government agency and signed by an appropriate Wisconsin Public Officer.

Documents that are issued by a Wisconsin government agency must include a signature and/or a seal, and the date issued by that office. The signature should include a printed name and title, and the seal should include the name of the office.

School Officials

Transcripts and diplomas must be issued by certified Wisconsin schools and be signed by a Wisconsin School Official such as a principal, president, dean, registrar, secretary or school counselor. Transcripts and diplomas for students who are home schooled must be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Transcripts must include a date, signature, printed name and title of the school official signing the document. Diplomas must be issued by certified Wisconsin schools, and must be the original, a duplicate original (ordered from the school), or a certified copy made by the school on their letterhead and signed by a school official. Other letters written by a school must be written on the school’s letterhead, be signed and dated, and include the printed name of the official signing the document.

Vital Records

Wisconsin vital records – such as birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates – are issued by Wisconsin County Registers of Deeds, Wisconsin County Clerks of Courts, or the Wisconsin State Office of Vital Records. Make sure to determine if the country requesting the Apostille has a time requirement (some countries want documents that are no older than 3-8 months) or a long-form requirement (some countries want the long-form, which includes specific personal information about the parents). If the country requesting the Apostille has such a requirement, you should contact the Wisconsin State Office of Vital Records or the Register of Deeds in the county of the event. Make sure to notify the Office of Vital Records or the Register of Deeds that you are requesting the document for foreign use.

Divorce documents such as the Findings and Facts Report from the divorce must be certified copies. These documents are issued by the Clerk of Court in the county of the divorce. The document must include a signature, printed name, and title of the deputy or clerk that is signing the document.